Frequently asked questions about “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo”

Frequently Asked Questions about

Avoiding a Goat Rodeo

Q: Will “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo” save me money on my website?
A: Yes and No. Applying the principals espoused in “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo” may save you money on your website because you come prepared and play your part. However, no matter how much you are paying your web developer, it’s no where near enough when you compare the value that your website will add to your business. “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo” will help you build a better website by thinking it through before you start building it. This will lead to a better overall website and if your idea is solid, to better Return on Investment on the money you spend developing it.

Quit trying to get it cheap and worry about get it right.

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