Questions to ask your developer – What is the biggest website you have developed?

It is important to hire the right developer to build your website. The right one is the right one for you and no single question you ask them is going to determine that for you. There are a few questions however that you can ask to help you make the decision.

What is the biggest web site you have developed?

Size does matter, no matter what anyone tells you. When building websites though, size can mean different things. It can mean the number of pages in your site or it can be the number of visitors per day/week/month that will be coming to your site. For planning purposes, the second one is the important one and the one that we are discussing here.

It is important that you know that the developer you are working with has developed websites around the same scale as yours. Websites of different scales have different problems to solve.

  • Small websites that are hosted in a virtual hosting environment have to worry about resource allocation
  • Mid-level websites have to worry about scalability – both up and down. This is important because seasonally, they may need additional resources to handle the traffic but other times, they need to scale back down to the minimum. Designing for this takes experience.
  • Large websites have issues with distributing their servers geographically so that all users can access it quickly. They have issues with big data also that requires special architecture to properly handle.

These aren’t the only their own problems but they are examples. Ensuring that the developer you hire has built websites around the same size (scale) tells you that they have faced the problems already and know how to solve them.



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