How to Plan a Website – Understand that you alone know the problem

You and you alone are the vision keeper for your project. You have to convey the problem that needs to be solved without specifying how it is to be solved. Work with your developer to make sure they understand you as you describe the problem. When in doubt, stop talking and ask them to describe the problem as they understand it so far. If they are just waiting to talk, they will describe the solution they have in mind, not the problem you have described.

When describing your problem that you want solved, make sure you use clear and plain language. Don’t assume that the developer will understand industry jargon or acronyms. Just because it’s clear to you doesn’t mean that it is clear to them. Most developers will ask a lot of questions as you talk. Don’t get off track but make sure that all questions they have are answered to their satisfaction. As the problem space expert, it is your job to make sure they understand the proper problem to solve.

When you are ready, move on to part 2 of 8 and read “How to Plan a Website – Understand that they probably know the best solution.



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