How to Plan a Website – Understand that they probably know the best solution

Look, if you could do this yourself, you would. The fact of the matter is there is just no such thing as “I *just* need a shopping cart.” Do you have any idea how complex a shopping cart is? Even modules for things like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla require setup and proper configuration. If you think it’s easy, please refer to Cal’s First Rule of Programming for Non-programmers.

“Programming is hard. If it looks easy, it’s because I’m good at it.”

Never assume that the task you want is simple. Also, never assume that you know the proper way to implement a solution. Don’t start the meeting with “I need a Drupal site” because your brother-in-law’s niece says that Drupal is the way to go. Let your developer help you figure out the solution you need. Just like you want them to listen to the problem, listen to them when they propose a solution. Make sure their solution matches up point-for-point with the problem you stated but honestly, they are the experts on building software, let them do their job.

When you are ready, move on to part 3 of 8 and read “How to Plan a Website – Don’t be sold a solution.



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